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Marketing Agility in a Covid-19 World

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June  16,  2016 by Robin Russo , President in OTC PR & Social Media

Enough Already About Millennials

Frankly, I’m over the constant obsession with millennials – in particular, how brands can reach them. The generation of the moment, we know most millennials can’t find good jobs, aren’t earning as much as their parents did when they were younger (the national average is $31,000 – $35,000 annually) and therefore don’t have a lot of money to spend. They are seriously self-focused (what younger generation isn’t?), technologically advanced (they grew up with technology) and are heavily involved in social media (the perfect outlet for their self-promotion). When it comes to brands, they rely on reviews and recommendations from those who share their opinions and lifestyle versus what brands tell them. So why all the fuss and obsession with reaching millennials when they aren’t even such big buyers of most of the products we market and sell – OTCs?

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June  14,  2016 by Robin Russo , President in Agency News

RLA Collective Debuts

I founded Robin Leedy & Associates some 30 years ago when I was a sole practitioner and my married name was Leedy. Things changed, as they often do — including who I was married to — and the PR practice I started grew and became a full-service PR agency with a staff, including a partner, and all the things that go with a small business. The Leedy name, however, stayed, since that’s how we were known, but over the last several years, we’ve been transitioning to “RLA,” knowing that a name change might be in the near future. And, as our business started to transition away from traditional communications and move more toward social media and digital marketing about a decade ago – with a strong focus on OTC/HBAbrand marketing — this process became even more important, since “Robin Leedy” was associated with “PR.”

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June  08,  2016 by Robin Russo , President in OTC PR & Social Media

Alternative TV Requires Alternative Marketing

Ok, ok, TV isn’t dead (we’re not trying to start a riot here!), but if your OTC brand’s target is millennials – the much-documented generation born between 1980 and 2000 – it might actually be time to “cut the cord” with traditional TV advertising. The popularity of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sling TV and the recent announcement that Apple is planning to launch an online TV service is case in point that traditional TV may, in the not too distant future, become a thing of the past.

A recent survey conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates showed that among 18-to-34 year olds, only 21% see TV as their primary medium for entertainment, down from 40%. This is not to say that millennials aren’t spending hours each day watching TV, just that they, like many other consumers, are moving away from “traditional” television to watching alternative TV.

Not convinced? Consider this: 59% of U.S. households pay for a subscription video-on-demand service, according to the Magid survey. And, as offerings for online subscriptions services grow, with recent entries by Showtime, HBO, ESPN, CBS News and Nickelodeon, at the same time that the cost for cable subscriptions keeps rising, millennials are breaking up with their cable providers – big time. To illustrate how this trend is picking up steam, a growing number of millennials are doing the unthinkable – not having a TV at all, opting instead to view TV content on their digital screens: 68% consume their media on a computer, 29% from a tablet and 31% from a smartphone.

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June  05,  2016 by Alyson O’Mahoney , EVP/Partner in OTC PR & Social Media

Today’s Tip: For the “Health” of Your Brand…

Maybe you don’t have a branded Pinterest page, but that doesn’t mean your product can’t play in this space. Make sure all key visual assets of your website are PINNABLE! That’s right, your product and brand image assets are all easily shareable by consumers in Pinterest if you allow them to be and

give consumers a bit of direction — with a PIN IT button. Add a Pin It option on all your product images and visual content, along with brief, yet informative captions for each image, and let consumers help you market your message in Pinterest. Make sure you or your website company visits here for Pinterest developer information.

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June  03,  2016 by Alyson O’Mahoney , EVP/Partner in OTC PR & Social Media

Being Short is In

From digital acronyms — LOL, BTW, ICYMI…WTF (oops!) — to memes, #hashtags or Tweets, consumers are now trained, even reliant on short, succinct messages or, let’s face it, SYMBOLS of messages (think emojis!), than ever before. Sure, we can argue that we’ve always been
attracted to short bunches of words — pithy greeting cards, candy hearts that beg you to “BE MINE” or fortune cookies that spell your fate, but we do better with shorter more than ever before. Being short is in, and brand messaging needs to be the same.

Today’s attention spans have shrunk, with studies showing that 1/3 of website visitors will abandon a site if it takes 1-5 seconds to load….one. to. five. seconds to load. Imagine if your content, visuals,
messaging doesn’t immediately hit the mark if they do stick around. Sayonara!

This applies to all the channels you market in — from your TV spot to your Facebook updates. It means getting to the point, and fast — with both words and visuals. And guess what, writing shorter means you actually start to focus on what matters — the key message that is important to your brand
and your consumer.

Take a moment to think about your key brand messages if they were written in a greeting card, a candy heart or a fortune cookie. LMK what nets out — you might see that your message is simpler and shorter than you thought!

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June  01,  2016 by Alyson O’Mahoney , EVP/Partner in OTC PR & Social Media

Today’s Tip: For the “Health” of Your Brand…

Two words: hashtag search! The # symbol, known as the hashtag, is today’s equivalent of the card catalog. It’s the way online content is collected, curated and tracked, be it a trending daily phrase like #goodadvicein4words, a movement like #icebucketchallenge or, that’s right: YOUR BRAND NAME.

Try your own brand name hashtag search (frankly, it’s a little addicting). You can check across many channels at once on hashtag search sites like Tagboard or Hashatit. You can also go to each social channel and put #yourbrandname into the general search bar to see what pops up.  It’s absolutely enlightening to see what consumers say about and how they photograph your brand on their own. #doittoday

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May  23,  2016 by Alyson O’Mahoney , EVP/Partner in OTC PR & Social Media

My Garage Sale: An Unexpected Lesson in Shopper Behavior

This past Saturday I held my first (and probably last!) yard sale.  My hope was to get people to pay ME to take my junky — I mean, beautiful — clutter away, instead of having to pay someone with a dumpster to cart it off.  I expected to pare down some of our unneeded belongings, spend a nice day outdoors, meet some new neighbors and make a few bucks in the process. However, what I ended up with was a bit of shopper behavior insight. Call it a “yard sale focus group,” if you will, but the marketer in me saw enough consistency that aligned with current data and trends, that I thought I would mention my “findings.” Not sure how these would hold up against a consumer research study, but I think several were spot on in the sample of the 150 or so customers I had throughout the day:

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