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Ruder Finn Acquires RLA Collective to Expand Integrated Marketing and Analytics Expertise

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August  24,  2017 by Robin Russo , Partner in E-Reports

Tapping Dads in the Purchase Cycle

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August  07,  2017 by Robin Russo , Partner in Agency News


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Agency News: Drug Store News Emerging Brands Special Issue

Check out what RLA Collective’s EVP/Partner Alyson O’Mahoney has to say about emerging brands in May’s special Drug Store News report. http://www.drugstorenews.com/special-report-breaking-through-common-denominators-success

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March  01,  2017 by Robin Russo , in Agency News

RLA Collective Wins for Digital Marketing/Advertising at the 2017 North American Innovation & Insights Sabre Awards Ceremony

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June  14,  2016 by Robin Russo , President in OTC PR & Social Media

Is Price Still Really “King” in a World Where Social Media is So Important?

I started my communications career in the 80s, when we believed that it took 3 impressions for a consumer to react, which seemed like a lot! How were we going to accomplish that? We were happy to make one impression! Now, with social media and digital so much a part of our daily lives, we’re talking about needing 24 impressions, with so many options and places to cover in order to reach someone And the more expensive the item, the more consumers now want to check with others – opinion shopping, I like to call it. Who hasn’t checked out a review on a TV, car or hotel? But commodities, like groceries and OTCs, they should be price and shelf driven, right? Who has the time and energy to seek out opinions when grocery shopping? Well according to the Integer research group, price may no longer be king, and the opinions of others are not only important for high-ticket items, but even for commodities, like groceries. They are quantifying what RLA has been saying for some time: The rise of social media has made consumers more likely to ask others’ opinions before buying — three times more likely!People are more focused, they make lists and consider their time more valuable (36% up from 21%), wanting to get in and out of the store as fast as possible (I can’t agree more!) with many willing to pay more if it makes their lives easier.

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