Being Short is In

June  03,  2016 by Alyson O’Mahoney , EVP/Partner in OTC PR & Social Media

From digital acronyms — LOL, BTW, ICYMI…WTF (oops!) — to memes, #hashtags or Tweets, consumers are now trained, even reliant on short, succinct messages or, let’s face it, SYMBOLS of messages (think emojis!), than ever before. Sure, we can argue that we’ve always been
attracted to short bunches of words — pithy greeting cards, candy hearts that beg you to “BE MINE” or fortune cookies that spell your fate, but we do better with shorter more than ever before. Being short is in, and brand messaging needs to be the same.

Today’s attention spans have shrunk, with studies showing that 1/3 of website visitors will abandon a site if it takes 1-5 seconds to load….one. to. five. seconds to load. Imagine if your content, visuals,
messaging doesn’t immediately hit the mark if they do stick around. Sayonara!

This applies to all the channels you market in — from your TV spot to your Facebook updates. It means getting to the point, and fast — with both words and visuals. And guess what, writing shorter means you actually start to focus on what matters — the key message that is important to your brand
and your consumer.

Take a moment to think about your key brand messages if they were written in a greeting card, a candy heart or a fortune cookie. LMK what nets out — you might see that your message is simpler and shorter than you thought!