November  14,  2016 by Robin Russo , President in Client Success

Growing Consumer Brands

It’s always nice when a client confirms that our marketing efforts are working for them – and even better, when the media showcases that success. Here’s a great profile piece on one of our clients in MMR’s October 31st edition and how they’ve been turning around their 45-year old brand, from new packaging and increased...

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August  04,  2016 by Alyson O'Mahoney , Executive Vice President/Partner in OTC PR & Social Media

Social Marketing is More Than Social Media

What an OTC brand (really, any brand!) is doing on their social media channels results in what is ultimately a real-time transcript of their marketing efforts (one that not only marketers, like myself, can see, but also your consumers, investors and retailers who sell your products or services).  We may have no idea how many...

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June  16,  2016 by Robin Russo , President in OTC PR & Social Media

Enough Already About Millennials

Frankly, I’m over the constant obsession with millennials – in particular, how brands can reach them. The generation of the moment, we know most millennials can’t find good jobs, aren’t earning as much as their parents did when they were younger (the national average is $31,000 – $35,000 annually) and therefore don’t have a lot...

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June  14,  2016 by Robin Russo , President in OTC PR & Social Media

Is Price Still Really “King” in a World Where Social Media is So Important?

I started my communications career in the 80s, when we believed that it took 3 impressions for a consumer to react, which seemed like a lot! How were we going to accomplish that? We were happy to make one impression! Now, with social media and digital so much a part of our daily lives, we’re...

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June  14,  2016 by Robin Russo , President in Agency News

RLA Collective Debuts

I founded Robin Leedy & Associates some 30 years ago when I was a sole practitioner and my married name was Leedy. Things changed, as they often do — including who I was married to — and the PR practice I started grew and became a full-service PR agency with a staff, including a partner,...

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