Health & Personal Care Brands Can Seize Opportunities in 2021

November  16,  2020 by , in Brand Strategy

One of the biggest lessons of this year is: what was true in the past will not be true in the future. As health and personal care brands assemble 2021 strategies, there’s no way to know with certainty what lies around the next corner—and the corner beyond that.

This unknowable future calls for a new kind of plan, one that allows us to pivot, shift, focus, pull back, reallocate and –above all—keep an up-to-the moment pulse on your consumers. To create this kind of “living plan” it’ll be important to build in the following:

  1. New channel strategies: Marketers should meet their consumers where they’re headed, versus where they were a few months ago. For example, as many older Americana are moving to the digital channel for the first time, brands will want to provide a shopping experience that helps them feel informed and guided thoughtfully through the path to purchase.
  2. Market-level messaging: With the pandemic’s progress varying state-to-state, a national campaign will likely miss the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way simply by missing a key moment in time at a given location. Understanding what is happening at a market level and adjusting the approach accordingly is another way health and personal care brands can maintain an essential presence in their consumers’ lives.
  3. Deal spotting: Because media inventory and costs are fluctuating wildly, there are media channels that may become more affordable because they’re being skipped by your competitors who aren’t tracking these opportunities. Keep a close eye on pricing and consider options that may have been out of reach in the past.
  4. DIY production solutions: challenges with executing photo, video and other studio produced content will continue for a while, so marketers and agencies need to have the capacity to develop content in-house, through trusted influencers, and apply other innovative “DIY” approaches.
  5. Extreme agility: With every new circumstance, health and personal care brands may be able to address new need states from their current consumers, or net new customer segments. Customer survey data, social listening, message testing – these are essential– but in these times it’s even more essential to get insights quickly and, crucially, act on them immediately.

As a starting point, many of these strategies can be achieved through a combination of AI-driven media delivery and a resourceful, hands-on team—the Human Intelligence. The AI works across channels and automatically adjusts spend, messaging, and volume according to what’s driving results. The Human Intelligence from an experienced team works with the AI to understand and optimize messaging against the larger social and market-level forces that drive shifting consumer interest and need.