Baby Boomers as Digital Shoppers : 4 Things to Know

February  08,  2021 by , in Client Success

We’re seeing a significant move to online shopping for all consumer products, including health and personal care, so it’s more important than ever to understand today’s digital shoppers. We’ve got our eye on the Baby Boomer, who is making the move to online shopping more than any other cohort. While Millenials have traditionally dominated the online shopping space (spending 2.5, 1.5 and 1.3 times as much online as Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Z) the Boomer has made the biggest move since the start of the pandemic, increasing online spending from 25% to 37% of total spend. How can health and personal care brands appeal to this group of shoppers as they migrate to digital purchase? There are many ways to come at it, depending on the product and other factors, but here are points to consider in your efforts to engage these new older customers:

  1. Market to the right screen: Boomers are 80% more likely to shop on a desktop than a mobile device, according to Adweek, so this means they are much more likely to be found on more desktop-friendly channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, or email.
  2. Search is king: According to a DMN3 Study Search dramatically outperforms social media and video viewing in getting Boomers to making a purchase.
  3. But don’t overlook other online platforms: According to Statisa, 78% of Boomers use Facebook, and 67% use YouTube. They spend more than 20 hours per week online, more than other cohorts.
  4. It’s even more important to deliver a simple, compelling message: Baby Boomers are more impulsive buyers of personal care products. Unlike their Millennial and Gen X counterparts, Boomers spend less time reasearching personal care products before they buy, according to a study by SKIM

At RLA we spend the time finding up-to-the-minute insights into our clients’ audience segments, going beyond simple demographics to understand their behaviors and evolving traits. We pull from our data resources to create audience profiles, and constantly layer in new information as we test and learn and scale with success. The health and personal care market is hot right now, and Boomers are moving to digital – meet them there with the information they need to make a confident purchase.