RLA Collective Debuts

June  14,  2016 by Robin Russo , President in Agency News

I founded Robin Leedy & Associates some 30 years ago when I was a sole practitioner and my married name was Leedy. Things changed, as they often do — including who I was married to — and the PR practice I started grew and became a full-service PR agency with a staff, including a partner, and all the things that go with a small business. The Leedy name, however, stayed, since that’s how we were known, but over the last several years, we’ve been transitioning to “RLA,” knowing that a name change might be in the near future. And, as our business started to transition away from traditional communications and move more toward social media and digital marketing about a decade ago – with a strong focus on OTC/HBAbrand marketing — this process became even more important, since “Robin Leedy” was associated with “PR.”

Fast forward to 2016, three decades later, and Robin Leedy & Associates (and even RLA) is much more than PR – not that there’s anything wrong with PR (as Seinfeld would say) – just that we are no longer a “PR Agency.” It’s not about one person, or even two, for that matter – it’s really about the sum of all of our parts. And while PR is still a service we offer our health and wellness clients, the breadth and range of our services go way beyond, making it more of an integrated marketing platform.

Enter “RLA Collective, Inc.,” the re-branded Robin Leedy & Associates new corporate name that officially marks and acknowledges the evolution of the agency, from that of a public relations consultancy to a marketing “collective,” specifically focused on health and wellness brands.More than just a logo makeover and name change, the re-branding acknowledges the realm of integrated marketing and communications services that we have been offering health and wellness clients for the past five to ten years – either with our in-house staff or through our vast network of vetted marketing partners who also work in the health and wellness category.

RLA Collective is a reflection of what our company has evolved into as the digital and traditional media environments have become fully integrated. And we are proud that we have evolved this way. Brands need a creative and strategic partner who understands the OTC health category and its regulatory oversight to take full advantage of the many channels now being used to reach consumers and KOLs, and to manage them all in the most effective (and cost effective) way possible. Our laser focus on health and wellness remains – and we are here to help build your brand. Strategic counsel, creative, seamless coordination for emerging and small-to-medium size brands, that’s what we are about.

Rebranding for ourselves has been a process, to say the least. We are like the shoemaker’s kids, with little time for ourselves. But we are on our way:

  • Move to new cool, warehouse office space that better reflects our creativity. Check.
  • Change the corporate name after 30 years to better reflect the “collective” of expertise we offer. Check.
  • Let the world know about the new name and re-branding. Just getting started.