Tapping Dads in the Purchase Cycle

August  24,  2017 by Robin Russo , Partner in E-Reports

Our recent survey of pregnant and new moms (New Mom Reality: Report 2) revealed something many marketers may not be thinking of with regard to new parenthood: Dads are participating in many parenting activities that traditionally have been thought of as things relegated to Mom*:

– 91%     Providing childcare

– 87%     Changing diapers

– 83%     Going to the their HCP

– 77%     Helping select daycare (or not)

– 75%     Selecting pre-school

– 71%     Choosing OTC’s

– 68%     Selecting child’s HCP

– 67%     Choosing personal care baby essentials

– 65%     Choosing baby food/formula

Also good news: The Mom-Shop Report of pregnant and new moms found that 97% of new and second-time dads are providing financial support for their child, according to the women surveyed.

Today’s dads, it appears, may be the best untapped group for these areas of new parenthood. Check out all our Mom Shop Reports for more insights on this dynamic demographic (click here for survey downloads).

*Somewhat to extremely involved.