3 Ways to Make Your eCommerce a Marketing Powerhouse

December  07,  2020 by , in Agency News

According to McKinsey & Co., the increase in ecommerce penetration in 2020 is equal to ecommerce penetration over the past decade. Brands of all kinds are busy investing in their own ecommerce to keep up and take advantage of this changing consumer behavior. And it appears to be worth making the leap, especially for healthcare and personal care brands. A July eMarketer study reports that health, personal care and beauty ecommerce sales will jump 32.4% in 2020.

While developing owned ecommerce can be a significant investment for brands – dedicated resources and fulfilment costs especially – it offers marketing opportunities that can have tremendous business-driving benefits. Here are three we think are particularly valuable:

  1. Shopper insights: Having an ecommerce channel allows you to collect point of sale data to tell you which consumers, and what messages and channels are driving sales of your brands – pure gold for marketers. When RLA ties our AI-driven digital media to our clients’ ecommerce, the wealth of data, delivered in real time, gives us a turbo charged capability to track our efforts and continually test, tweak and scale where we find success.
  2. Brand message opportunities: With consumers shopping on your own site, you can guide their journey to purchase and express your brand to them in more personalized, differentiating ways, beginning with their off-site research phase and extending through to the point of purchase, and post-purchase.
  3. Relationship building: When you have a direct relationship with your consumers you can test pilot programs and make product innovation moves based on unfiltered feedback. Personal care and healthcare consumers in particular are often solving a problem, so they seek the opportunity to learn and communicate with health and personal care brands, and seek brands that understand their specific needs. Brand-owned ecommerce provides ample opportunity to deliver on this, driving consumers to buy – and buy again – and perhaps even advise their friends to buy as well.

At a time when the drugstore brick and mortar channel is being disrupted by Amazon and consumers are shopping in digital as a more permanent habit, owning your ecommerce will allow health and personal care brands to tell their differentiated story, build those relationships, offer relevant marketing messages to target audiences, and make significant business gains as a result.