The Transformative Power of Motherhood by Carl Nash, Lead Researcher on the Mom-Shop Report

November  14,  2017 by Carl Nash , Lead Researcher on the Mom-Shop Report in E-Reports

When I was first approached about this partnership with RLA Collective and learned the topic of research, I thought to myself, “I am living and breathing this subject!”

With a two year old son and a 9 month pregnant wife, I was intimately familiar with the joys and challenges of first time parenthood. I was able to draw on a deep well of experiences that were still fresh in my mind while helping create the survey questionnaire.

I think the results speak for themselves – covering a wide array of topics, the Mom-Shop Report captures the new mom experience and makes it easily accessible for brands seeking insight into the minds and motivations of mothers.  One of our hypotheses going into the project was that we would find statistically significant differences between how first time (and first time expectant) moms researched, prepared and shopped for baby care and personal care products compared with second time moms and between moms of newborns and moms of toddlers.

While we did get a wealth of information on everything from how and where they get information on OTCs, their use of social media, feelings about motherhood and their preparation for it, to how their HCPs can do better, a surprising finding was that for a large number of the questions, we did not find statistically significant differences between our audience segments. I think this speaks to the transformative power of motherhood, that the commonality of being a mother was stronger than the differences of child life-stages. There is nothing quite like holding a newborn baby in your arms and knowing that you made this living creature. There is nothing like the love you feel for this tiny little human, this little miracle that depends on you for everything. It seems that parenthood is such a powerful and life changing force that it serves as a unifying theme amongst all parents. Where we did not find statistically significant differences in the life stages, I believe we were touching on universal truths. As you read through the Mom-Shop Report, keep this in mind.

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